Thursday, March 5, 2009

This Didn't Have To Happen To Me

As you look at the size of GiGi's original tumor- you have to wonder how could someone let this happen? Unfortunately GiGi was used as a brood bitch and because she was never spayed she developed mammary cancer later in life. We are sure once her previous owner saw the tumor- instead of doing the responsible thing, he dumped her at the local shelter not caring that her odds of being adopted would be slim to none. Spaying and neutering not only helps decrease unwanted litters of puppies that may eventually be euthanized in over-populated shelters across the country- but it also helps prevent hormone related cancer in dogs and cats.

GiGi is the third birddog we have brought into the rescue that needed a complete mastectomy- meaning all of her mammaries have been removed from her belly up to under her arm pits. She has a Y shaped "zipper" of stitches and we were lucky she had a lot of skin- as the surgeon was able to remove most of the affected areas. Her chest X-rays were clean so we know the cancer had not metastocized. The road to recovery will be long- however. It will take months of TLC in foster care for GiGi to regain all of her strength- but to her credit- she is still showing her bubbly joyful personality and we are confindent in a few months we will find her a loving new forever home.