Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Has Sprung and So Have I

Hi everyone. Spring is in the air and I can feel it now. I just wanted to let you all know that I am finally feeling better and I am now on my way back to my foster home. It sure was a long stay at the vet's, but they made me all better and I feel GREAT!!!!! They took such good care of me, I can't thank them enough. I made friends with everyone there and they were all so happy I was going home. For my going away party, I got to wear something really special. And I have to tell you, I felt pretty special too. I know I have a long road to follow for recovery, but I can tell you this, the way I feel today, I have no doubt, that I will be up and running in no time. Thanks everyone for your prayers and donations and love. I will continue to need all of those for a while, so please don't stop thinking about me.

GiGi is a testament to the inner strength of believing and the will to fight, in order to overcome obstacles that are tossed our way. She didn't give up and we hope she can be an inspiration to others.

What a difference from before my surgery, but as you can see, I'm on the mend and I plan on staying that way too.